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Live Dealer Casino

Casino gambling is a traditional practice and there are many people who love to play casinos. Apart from winning big amount, the thrill and excitement associated with these casinos are also pretty good. Currently, different online casinos have become popular, and this in turn, has made it easier for the players to play online right from their home. Apart from the real thrill and excitement associated with the real game, they can also get the help of a live dealer casino, with whom they can deal on different amounts. They act very much like the real dealers, and they are ready to deal as and when a player wants them to deal with them.

Are you interested to play casinos? Irrespective of whether you choose to play casino online or in real, you can expect to deal with the live dealer casino that would make different dealings on different games. There are different casino games that conducts live dealing, and these casinos have become popular due to which, it has been able to draw large numbers of customers from different corners of the world. Since there are many live dealing casino games, before you start playing, you must have a look at these different games, and the benefits that you would get by playing these games.

Europa Casino

In short, having a review of the different casino games that have live dealings, it would surely help you to make a careful selection of the casino game. The internet would help you to check out the reviews of the different games, on the basis of which you can make a selection. For instance, you would be able to enjoy the Europa casino games because the dealings that are done here are completely live. Here you can get up to a bonus amount of $2400. Apart from that, you can also get an extra free bonus of $15 free.

Often, on your deposit in the account, you can also get a matchup bonus of 200% which would indeed be quite beneficial for you. Well, it might not have an eye catching sign up bonus, but you can be assured that once you become a part of Europa casino, your earning opportunities would be endless. In fact, each new day, you would find new and exciting offers. In fact, if you are an active player, you would also get frequent promotions. Regular gambling would help you to earn $25 weekly, which is certainly not a bad deal.

Jackpot City Casino

If you want, you can also try playing the games from Jackpot City Casino. On registration of a real account with this casino house, you would be able to get a free play account, and you would be given 500 credits. Up to 200 credits and above, you would be able to claim your win. When it exceeds 500, you would be able to get bonus provided the fact that you make a minimum deposit of $50. The signup bonus of 100% that you receive is cashable, and thus, you would be able to win great.

Prestige Casino

Apart from the bonus, there are several other promotional offers, as well. There are experienced and live dealers that can help you play the different games flexibly and conveniently. For every game action that you make, you would be able to earn casino cash back points. The games featured in the prestige casino can also be an ideal option for you to play and win. You can just start by trying out the games, and within 1 free hour of playing, if you are lucky, you would be able to get $750 absolutely free.

Up to a first deposit of $300, you can get 100% back. On the other hand, on your second deposit of up to $500, you get about 60% of free bonus from the house of prestige casino. In addition to that, you can also get high roller bonus where on a deposit of more than $2000, you can get $800 free. Apart from these bonus offers, there are several other promotional offers that you can expect to get. For instance, if you refer to a friend, you can get up to $30, while at the same time, you can also avail the opportunity of getting 10% alternative mechanism bonus.

Bodog Casino

As far as, Bodog Casino is concerned, the live dealing here is pretty interesting and exciting. The promotional offers that are available both for the new players, as well as, the existing players are pretty fantastic. In fact, it is these offers along with the payout percentages that make it apart and exclusive from other different casino houses. There are many categories of games, and the wagering options are also pretty flexible. Based on the first deposit in the account, the promotional offers are made. With an initial deposit, you can get about 10% cash back.

Intertops Casino

However, you would have to keep in mind that the deposit should be at least more than $20. The maximum bonus offer that you can get is $1000. However, this rate keeps on changing frequently. At the same time, if you refer to a friend, you can again get money up to about $100. The games of Intertops Casino are also pretty interesting, and the earning opportunities that you would get here is also pretty good. In fact, you can enjoy the welcome bonus that would provide an amount of $620 into your account for free.

Every month, this casino wheel of fortune gives away $30, 000. If you are lucky enough, you can also get a share of this big amount. Your real money play here is awarded with loyalty points. Moreover, the Intertops Casino house also offers large jackpot amounts at frequent intervals. You might not be aware of the fact that some of the biggest amounts that you would get can include an amount of $2 million. Isn’t this a huge amount and worth the deal? Therefore, without wasting any time, you select your game from this house and be ready for the live dealing.